Place your offering across the map and describe it to gain relevant visits. The higher your informative ratings, the lower the price. Select a payment model (per click or per lead) and maximize the efficiency of your marketing investment.



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How does it work (FAQ)?

An open community of market experts consensually creates and maintains the taxonomy, under strictly objective criteria aiming to ease navigation and discovery of potential adopters. They also identify and place appropriately, to the best of their knowledge, all commercial and pre-commercial (close to market) solutions that can are of public domain. The goal is that any user can at least find a complete list of all Solutions at each Category. The description of the solutions is though reserved to their corresponding Vendors.

Once you have been validated as Vendor, you can modify any data related to your company profile and Solutions. You will be requested to place them at the most relevant category, only one Category per Solution will be allowed initially.

DiscoveryBlock is an knowledge marketplace, whose main goal is to create a highly informative meeting point. The higher the informative ratings of the Solutions, the better they are ranked among other Solutions in the same Category. Registered Solutions may be accessed by users, who rate their informative value (this is different to a classic product rating by quality of the product/service).

If you register to get your Solutions accessible to any user, you may choose to be charged for every click a user makes on one them (providing them enriched information you have loaded, enabling them to compare to other Solutions) under a Cost per Click model (CPC). Alternatively, you can activate a “contact me” button for those users interested in getting more information from you and completing a contact form, what is known as a Cost per Lead (CPL) model.

Our second way to incentivise quality of Vendors’ Solution description is rewarding high info quality ratings. Once your solutions overcome a quality threshold of 3 stars, display costs start to drop from the standard price, and progressively as ratings get higher. The rationale behind this mechanism is that your quality information is part of the overall platform worth. It’s distributive nature rewards value put into it, in the same way it charges value extracted from it.

If you have not yet launched your products/services to the market, your registrations will be free of charge until your product becomes commercial. Your solutions badges will bring a clear “pre-commercial” label for the market to differentiate between products readily available and those yet to come.

We will contact you to assess your identity as representative of your organization, and once you have a validated Vendor account your are ready to edit your profile and Solutions and make them visible to the Platform users!