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We live in an era where everything is for free, the content, in general, has no value for anyone and we surf the Internet consuming information without having to pay anything. It is something that is changing and we want to be part of this positive movement, we believe the content has value, especially that which is technical about blockchain.

In Discoveryblock you can generate content tabs around the blockchain technology and we pay for it. How do you get paid? Depending on the traffic that your content attracts, you will receive income in your wallet because we share the income we generate through offering paid search with you. If we win, you win. And all is done in a transparent and certified way with public blockchain.

Conditions that content must comply with

Unique content
We will certify the ownership of this knowledge to its author. That is why it is essential that this content is totally original, and that if you use other sources they are cited.

The content must have the highest possible quality, not only because it is positive for Discoveryblock and the reader will have a better experience, but also because payment amounts are linked to users’ ratings. The better your contents are rated, the higher your income will be.

There are a dozen things that are important for users to know when considering the purchase of a certain type of blockchain product or service (general applications, examples, customer profile, effectiveness criteria, typical prices,…). Completing them all will raise your ratings and, subsequently, your revenue.

Content in English
DiscoveryBlock has a global scope, and most blockchain potential adopters around the globe will find it easy to understand English descriptions. Soon all contents will be multilingual, but while we deploy appropriate translation policies for certified content, the Platform will uniformly use this language for all category descriptions.

Share your content
You can use the social networks you think appropriate to share your content. Linkedin is the most advisable by type of knowledge we are sharing, but you can do it where you see a fit. After all, the more content visits you generate, the more money will go to your wallet, so by sharing, we all win.

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  1. BrianDyday
    March 24, 2020

    Thanks, this website is extremely useful.

  2. BrianDyday
    April 4, 2020

    You’re a really practical web site; couldn’t make it without ya!

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