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Find that blockchain product for me

How would you like the equivalent to a 30 min coffee chat with a blockchain, IoT, AI or market expert, to assess the best solutions fitting your business? Except for the coffee, DiscoveryBlock wants to put it all zero cost.

Technology and Innovation markets, are becoming huge and complex worlds. They are hard to follow by most companies who need more and more high-level understanding of what new products and services out there are relevant to them. Their subsistence depends on quick and right adoption, so simplification of such rapidly changing complexity calls more than ever for new tools.

DiscoveryBlock has created an inbound model that structures commercial technology and innovation offer in a visual and intuitive manner, to make it all findable to any user regardless of its technology literacy level. On top of it, an open community of Specialists outline and continuously update the whole landscape of commercial solutions, and describe they way they are generically delivered to the market. Vendors, on the other end, describe themselves and their specific offering with bluntly practical data often missing in corporate websites.

But the way all such knowledge and data is gathered and shared represents the real cornerstone of DiscoveryBlock’s model. This company is creating  knowledge marketplaces where the authorship of experts’ contributions is securely protected in the Blockchain. Moreover, all informative value exchanged between participants is fairly rewarded. This is thanks to the ability of recent blockchain technologies to perform free, instant and safe peer-to-peer automatic micro transactions between them.

As a result, searching companies save time and get zero cost access to super enriched practical information they can’t find together anywhere else. Vendors, at their end, earn high-relevance visibility at lower prices than mainstream paid search channels. The first beta version is now being tested precisely with the blockchain market ecosystem at Experts and vendors can already participate with their contents and make life a little bit easier to new adopters in search of catching up. I

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