Do you have a sound knowledge of a Blockchain niche? You want to help companies understand their benefits adopting Blockchain? And you expect to be fairly rewarded for that?

Discovery Blockchain is the Platform that allows experts to share the most practical knowledge about the Blockchain commercial landscape, and monetize it as it adds value to potential adopters and merchants



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Many companies seeking to adopt blockchain-based products/services claim for comprehensive sources of information describing how practically they can applied different types of Solutions to their business, as well as complete lists of vendors at global scale, and their corresponding product description. Having this information properly structured at one single site increases enormously searchers’ ability to identify themselves as potential buyers, to shortlist fit for purpose solutions and to contact Vendors. Vendors themselves are also largely benefited from a new stream of qualified visitors to their specific Solutions.

Specialists taking ownership of a Category describe objectively and generically (no brand references), how typically Solutions under the Category are provided in the market. That includes description of the product/service, applications, examples, implementation, pricing, effectiveness metrics, among others (see example here). They can also identify missing Vendors and Solutions that should be added to the Platform. It is important to notice that specific Solutions can only be described by their corresponding Vendor (or any proxy or representative designated by them), if you are representing a specific Vendor please use our Delegation Form to get access to its account.

Yes, it is, you can rest assured that you can claim authorship of your content. All information under each category is registered using Ethereum blockchain, and the author obtains a certificate identifying author, content, transaction hash and time stamp, to ease potential claims of authorship.

The Platform charges Vendors a low fee every time a user enters their Solutions’ description card, under a fixed CPC/CPL scheme. Corresponding net revenues are distributed among players enabling such Searcher-Vendor connection, being the content contributors the main beneficiaries. Category owners get paid for visualizations on Solutions placed under their Categories, provided the Solution’s Vendor has registered in the Platform. Additional rewards are allocated to experts identifying and entering new Solutions to the Platform. You can check at your user panel those Categories/Solutions you co-own and your ownership shares (one content may have several co-owners participating in its identification, description, improvement, update).

Blockchain crowdsourced rewarded model. After your content has been validated your account starts to generate a Bitcoin balance that you will be able to cash out either to your personal Bitcoin wallet or to a Lightning Wallet if you want to benefit from the lowest transaction fees.

It has to. The Platform’s main asset is its informative value, which is rated by users. We incentivize the continuous improvement of the contents by diverting part of the revenue distribution corresponding to contents poorly rated to a bounty pool. Improvement proposals that revert on higher ratings are rewarded from such pool.

You can propose improvements to other experts’ contents, and get rewarded either by the bounty pool scheme, or by negotiating an ownership share with the corresponding author(s). Although this process will count with a specific co-edition environment including certification of proposals, currently Discovery Blockchain members act as intermediary and referee between authors and improvement proposers.

Of course you can. Initially the withdrawal will be done under request, next version of the Platform will allow experts to transfer your balance to any other BTC wallet or to exchange to fiat or other crytpocurrencies.

Your identity does not need to be revealed to the public, if you want to remain anonymous check the corresponding tick box at your registration form.

Yes, you can transfer the ownership of your content to another registered expert, in the same way you can negotiate a transfer of part of it to collaborators that help you keep your contents updated and with high quality ratings. Manage your ownership directly at your user profile fiche within the administration panel.

We will contact you and require any further information to assess your expertise (if needed), before granting you with an expert account to manage your wallet settings and start creating contents on selected categories.